Notes from the Podium is a unique quarterly online journal that publishes in-depth interviews with conductors from all over the world and all areas of the profession. Each interview focuses on a specific piece or musical genre, and the material is equally suited to professionals, students, or amateurs wishing to further their knowledge and skills. Notes from the Podium is used as a teaching resource at Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London; Carnegie Mellon, USA; and subscribed to by other universities and individuals worldwide. Each interview is also researched to a level where it can serve as a bridge between the two worlds of academia and professional performance.

Accessing the wisdom of these most eminent professionals is affordable for everyone – this is main objective of the project. Individual membership is available as usual via this site (click on sign up/membership account) and gives access to all of the published interviews, regardless of what date you sign up. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time. If you are a student or an academic and would like more information on university/institution membership please contact info@notesfromthepodium.co.uk.

Free taster interviews are available – please see the Interview Archive for those that are *FREE ACCESS*. 

Happy Reading (and conducting)!

Dr. Hannah Baxter – Founder/Editor