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Issue 28: As Big as it Gets

Dr. Hannah Baxter – Maestro Review

Issue 25: Broadening the Scope (July 2023)

Dr. Hannah Baxter – TÁR Review: It’s a Masterpiece

Issue 22: Contemporary Opera (October 2022)

Dr. Thomas Taylor Dickey – Progress, Not Perfection: Practical Ways of Integrating DEI into Student Orchestra Programs

Issue 21: The All-American (July 2022)

Dr. Thomas R. Erdmann – Aaron Copland’s Emblems: A Theoretical/Formal Analysis (PEER-REVIEWED)

Issue 20: British Choral Music (April 2022)

Robert Lehmann & Elizabeth Goryunova – Leadership Insights from the Podium: Achieving Harmony in Search of a Shared Vision

November 2021

Jonathan Hirsh – The Orchestral Music of George Walker: A Guide for his Centennial

Issue 18 – New Chapters (October 2021)

Tiffany Chang – We’re in the Business of Happiness (FREE ACCESS)

Jaclyn Normandie – Excerpts from The Mindful Musician: Finding a Healthy Balance (FREE ACCESS)

November 2020

Thoughts on Conducting during the Pandemic – Nurhan Arman (FREE ACCESS)

The Maestro: Benevolent Dictactor or Collegial Facilitator? – John Andrews (FREE ACCESS)